CrossFit states that physical fitness has 10 distinct components, namely strength, speed, power, agility, stamina, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and accuracy. To be truly fit, you have to develop all these characteristics and become a complete athlete. CrossFit combines the disciplines of Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, gymnastics and single modality conditioning (e.g. running) into constantly varied, high intensity workouts.

At CrossFit Bryanston, we aim to create an atmosphere of fun and community; a home away from home. We work hard, lift heavy and will push you to your limit but you will always leave wanting more. Our head coaches are qualified sport scientists and we employ a consultant strength coach to help maximize your physical development. Your first workout is on the house so you can experience the fitness revolution for yourself.

We are the Black and Yellow Legion!!! Fear our Gremlin


New Applications: If you would like to TRIAL a class to see if CrossFit is something you would like to get involved with, you are most welcome to contact us and come to a class FREE of charge. The beginners trial classes are only held on the first Saturday of every month at 08:00 sharp!

Should you wish to join CrossFit Bryanston you will need to do the beginner course. Here we teach you the movement standards needed to safely integrate into the main classes. The beginners course consists of 4 sessions and you must attend all 4 in order to graduate to main classes. It is advised (although not required) that you complete them in order. Each session costs R250 and is payable upfront. All sessions run from 18:00 to 19:30. You must bring a printed proof of payment as no cash will be accepted on site but credit card facilities are available. Banking details are:

The Facility Tier One Strength and Conditioning
Standard Bank Hyde Park
0222 99 548
Branch code 006605
Reference your name and surname

CrossFitters from other Boxes that have moved closer to CrossFit Bryanston, you are welcome to contact us so we can integrate you into our Box. The minimum requirement is that you have completed a beginner program at another recognized affiliate. Intro classes do not count, it must have been a full beginner course, some Boxes call these On Ramp or Elements or other iterations. A basic understanding of Olympic Weightlifting is a must. If you don’t know the difference between a clean and a snatch, please sign up for the beginners class.

Traveling CrossFitters: You are MOST welcome to drop into CFB. We look forward to meeting you and growing the community. Whether you are a local or international traveller please fill out the contact form below so we can provide you with any help we can. There is no Drop In fee! All I can say is that our Coaches love and adore CrossFit T Shirts from other Boxes. Our Coaching staff is varied in size and we would love to collect your shirt.